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Summer Staples for the Office

A lot of people love to work from home because you can wear your comfy jogging pants while working and who doesn't love to be comfortable?

With people going back to the office this summer, it's the perfect time to revamp your office wardrobe. I know it sucks having to dress up to do the same work that you can get done at home, but my tips will make finding an outfit quick and easy.

With summer comes intense heat, and a lot of sweating. One thing we're avoiding this summer is sweat stains.

I'm sure everyone wants to be comfortable for work which is why we will be ditching our straight leg pants for some wide leg trousers.

Wide leg pants are so comfortable and so versatile. You can style these with many different looks and can be easily styled for a more professional or laid back look.

Linen shirts are great for the summer. They are light weight and will make you feel cool during hot summer days.

My last tip is sleeveless shirts. You will definitely get no sweat stains while wearing these.

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