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How to Limit Stress During Finals Season

It’s exam season and I’m sure that everyone is stressed. Whether you have in person exams or they’re online, it’s a struggle. This week I will continue the school series by giving you guys some tips to help reduce your stress.

Take one exam at a time

What I mean about this is don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of studying and classes you have. Focus on one class at a time and when you are studying for your exam, try not to think about your other classes. When my brain start to wonder off and think about something that I'm not doing at the moment, I get overwhelmed.

This happened to me last week. I have 4 exams, each one day apart this week and this technique really helped me reduce my stress levels. I take one class at a time and I feel more confident in my studies. I have been focusing on each class equally, but I don't start studying for the next class until I finish my first one.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We all struggle with a topic in the classes we take, we can’t be good at everything. This tip might be a given for some people, but it wasn’t for me. Last week I attended crash courses and mock exams and asked questions when I didn’t understand something, and it really helped me. For some of my classes, we have a group chat and I make it appoint now to ask for clarification when needed. If you don’t have a group chat for your classes, you could always message them privately through the school website that you use or find them on Facebook/Instagram.

Trust me, it’s better to ask because you could spend an hour on a concept that someone could explain to you in 5 minutes.

Get 8 hours of sleep before each exam

This is crucial especially if you have a class where they trick you with the wording of the questions. Now, if you’re someone who crams everything the night before and can perform well on the exam then that’s great, but with my experience cramming never got me the best mark on an exam. Instead, if I was well rested, I would be able to dissect a question by using common knowledge (depending on the class) if I didn’t know the answer.

Reduce your work hours

This part is very important! I used to never reduce my hours during exam season because I didn’t want to put my boss in a position where she didn’t have enough workers, but I quickly realized that I’m the one taking this exam and not her. I do not want to work at my part time job forever, so I now value school 100% more than work. It is my TOP priority. Because of this easy change that I made for my finals, I now have time to relax after a big day of studying and I am now less stressed for my exams than any other year.

Good luck to everyone taking exams! Winter break is around the corner.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! Don’t forget to follow @theweekly__ on instagram. And feel free to message me about which posts you’d like to see next!

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