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5 Tips for Acing your Finals

With finals around the corner and winter break coming up, it can be easy to lose motivation. This week I though it would be a good idea to strive away from all the business and budgeting content and focus on what most people want to know.

I have come up with 5 tips to follow before finals:

1- Wake up early

Have you ever woken up at 12:00pm and think to yourself that your whole day is ruined? Well, this happens to me all the time. I find when I wake up early I feel like my whole day is on the right track.

2- Schedule your day

The best way to stay organize is to schedule your whole day. From the moment that you decide to wake up: schedule your breaks, when you're going to eat, which classes you're going to study and for how long. Don't forget to schedule a little down time as well.

3- Study for your hardest classes first

When you get your hardest class out of the way every other class seems more bearable. Since the majority of my classes follow each other, I like to do the class that doesn't follow the others first and then tackle the ones that are similar.

4- Decide the best method for studying

This depends on the classes you're taking. For example, I'm currently taking a class that requires problem solving and theory, but since I know that the problem solving counts for 60% of the final I will be focusing more on practicing the problem solving questions. Also, once I master the problem solving questions, most of the theory will already be studied for since they go hand in hand.

5- Exercise

Exercising for as little as 30 minutes can improve your brain power. If you are sitting all day studying, you could become restless and mentally exhausted from all the information you've been grasping. Exercising can help reduce your stress levels and once you get back to studying you will be focused and motivated to continue.

With this being said, I wish everyone the best of luck with their finals and remember a grade doesn't define you. It's okay to get a bad grade, the important thing is that you try your best!

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! Don’t forget to follow @theweekly__ on instagram. And feel free to message me about which posts you’d like to see next!

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